Medical services

derrimut medical centre

Caroline Springs Medical  Centre and Clinic

2-6 Caroline Springs Blvd 3023,    Tel:   83904443


We provide comprehensive medical services to all age groups:

  1. Childrens health: includes immunizations, health check for development height, weight, ear, teething, and screening for hearing and eye problems
  2. STD checks screening and advice. In addition to providing free HPV vaccination to all boys and girls 14-16 years to protect against genital cancer.
  3. Asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic arthritis : regular check and disease monitoring involving Allied Health personal in management
  4. Free home medicine review arrangement for better understanding of medications and avoidance of side effects of medications
  5. burnside medical centreCheck Ups For 45-50 Year Old Age Group:
    Women: cervical smear, mammogram for breast screening. Hypertension and diabetic and cholesterol screening.Men: screening for weight and height ratio weight circumference ( linked to heart disease), prostrate check,hypertension,diabetes and cholesterol checks
  6. Health check for the elderly with comprehensive tests to ensure health and social well being in addition to providing free vaccination
  7. Travel medicine advice in regards to prevention and vaccinations
  8. Skin and Mole check